Concrete is one of the world’s most versatile and widely used building products. How it’s made is critical to how it performs. To ensure that our concrete performs to specification, we utilize technology to formulate, test, and upgrade our present products, and to develop exciting new ones. We’re at the leading edge of our industry and we intend to stay there.
  • We make concrete to your specifications
  • We follow A-C-I (American Concrete Institute) standards
  • We specialize in all classes of Ohio Department Of Transportation mixes
  • We make all strengths from 1500 psi to 10,000 psi
  • We use the latest technology in admixtures
  • We offer special types of concrete
    • white and colored concrete  by Solomon Colors
    • lightweight insulating concrete
    • heavyweight concrete
    • no slump concrete


Mail Address, P.O. Box 398.
Columbus, Ohio 43216-0398
(to find us take I-71 to State Route 104;
turn east to Haul Rd; follow the signs)
Phone 614-443-0123 • Fax 614-443-4001

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